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Why Blue Shield?1

We’ll never stop working to find and pursue the best path forward for fulfilling our mission of making sure all Californians can access the care they deserve at a price they can afford. As a nonprofit health plan, we are uniquely positioned to achieve this ambitious goal.

  • We have broad networks - We are a California-based company with national capabilities serving millions of members. We offer individual access to one of the largest PPO provider networks in California, plus a range of HMO network options. We also offer out-of-state coverage through the BlueCard® Program’s national network, which includes 95% of all providers and 96% of all hospitals in the United States2.

  • We offer access to high-quality provider networks - Blue Shield’s provider networks include many of the state’s top doctors and hospitals to help employees at businesses have access to care where and when employees need it most. Contracted providers meet credentialing standards and include some of the most prestigious hospitals in the state.

  • We are delivering on our promise of affordability - Everyone talks about rising health costs, but we’re taking bold steps to make coverage affordable. Our 44– and counting – accountable care organizations (ACOs) across California are transforming the healthcare delivery system. Between 2010 and 2017, our ACOs have worked to improve care while reducing hospital admissions up to 17% and decreasing bed days up to 16%3. They have also resulted in a total savings of more than $486 million3.

  • We are motivated by our mission - As a nonprofit health plan, we are not here to maximize profits for shareholders. That’s why we voluntarily cap our net income at 2% of revenue, returning anything above that to our customers and the community. We also give a significant portion of our income every year to the Blue Shield of California Foundation. Ensuring all Californians have access to high-quality, affordable health care is our North Star: It guides how we do business and interact with our members every day.

  • We are committed to employee health and well-being - We offer digital health experiences that put consumers in control of both their own and their family’s coverage. We also offer options to access providers that drive “right care, right time, right setting” decision making. We offer consumer digital wellness tools that “stick” and holistic, integrated care management programs.

  • Comprehensive coverage - Employers can offer a more comprehensive benefits package with dental, vision, and life insurance18 coverage from a trusted source - with or without Blue Shield medical coverage.

Employee Wellness


Developed in partnership with our members and clinical partners with our nation’s health in mind, Wellvolution® combines decades of research, health data, and leading technology and brings the greatest innovations in preventive health care to you and your employees. Wellvolution taps into the power of lifestyle medicine to unlock a more satisfying, productive, and healthy life for everyone.

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